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To sell that bond I’m going to the price i get will be influenced by what is happening to interest rates at that time in general here’s the the formula and this is mathematically driven if interest rates go up on Daddy’s go down and when interest rates go down looking there and uncle SAM bond values go up and again it’s because of the mathematics if interest rates go up we’re dividing by a larger one plus are all other bonds in markets are paying more to mathematically.

Driven relationship just remember that if you do own bonds watch the interest rates going over the course of the years face value bond is a par value bond and that’s a thousand dollar bond that’s the price I paid today for the bond and all other bonds in the market are about the same price any new issue bonds a discount bond is where might sell my bond during the course of the years and I get less than thousand dollars what has happened here well interest rates market interest rates have gone up greater than my coupon rate my bonds always going to pay eighty dollars but if interest rates go up above a percent.

Then people will put their money where its treated best and no go by other bonds are paying nine ten percent and therefore if i go to try to sell my body will get less than a thousand dollars for premium bond is a bond selling for greater than thousand bucks here is the case where interest rates have gone down my bond is still paying a percent and if interest rates have gone down to let’s say six percent my phone’s going to be worth more than a thousand dollars because of my body is still paying.

Dollars a year and all the bonds in the market might be paying sixty dollars here so people will pay me more for my blog again one formula here that were involved with bonds present value or price of the bond today is equal to Times minus over plus R to the T of that over our Plus face value of r plus r the tea again were discounted cash flows here there’s some interest rate risk we take on when we buy a bond.

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